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The Dojo

Welcome to Ryuuko Dojo! As you can see, this is a small facility, but still it is more than enough room to train in. In reality, if we are attacked on the street it is most likely going to be in a small enclosed area, no bigger than in this picture, making this the perfect sized room for private or semi-private lessons. The mats are 1 5/8" thick, which is quite adequate for handling rolls, break-falls and throws. The room is brightly lit and ventilated. As well as this training space, we also utilize nature in some of our classes, as it is important to learn how to defend oneself in many different types of spaces, not just the dojo. Therefore some of our classes are in fields, the woods, at the beach, etc. 

A very important part of martial arts training is understanding human anatomy. As such, students are taught the weaknesses of human anatomy, should they ever need to utilize the information in a self-defense situation.. 

Along with human anatomy, students are taught the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Meridian Theory. Knowledge of the acupuncture/acupressure points in TCM is essential for any serious martial artist. It goes beyond basic human anatomy and teaches the student the nervous and vascular systems of the body, the best spots to attack, as well as the expected results. We also study the healing aspects of these points.   

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