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Currently I am offering my services, in the form of seminars, to martial art facilities and other groups that may be interested. I have been doing seminars for over ten years now around Southern Ontario, and I very much enjoy teaching in this way as it lets me meet new people, gives me exposure to different martial arts, and gives me the opportunity to constantly review my material as I pass it on to others. As a young man beginning my martial arts training many years ago, I remember how exciting it was to attend the seminar of someone from outside of the dojo I was training at, and how it gave me new perspectives and fresh ideas of how I could improve my training. Many styles are lacking in something, whether that be ground work, meditation, weapons training, etc., and so I find that bringing in someone from another dojo, whether or not their style is similar to the one you are teaching, is a great way to keep the students excited and motivated about their training, as well as to provide exposure to something different. These are the seminar subjects which I offer;

The 5 Animals: Tiger

The 5 Animals: Leopard

The 5 Animals: Snake

The 5 Animals: Crane

The 5 Animals: Dragon

Ninjutsu! (rolls, breakfalls, line drills, ninja weapons, tactics, etc.)

Weapons, (the practical applications of the knife, bo staff, hanbo, and kusari)

Lohan (ligament/tendon strengthening form)

Meditation (standing and sitting methods)

Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Meridians

Pressure points (both Western anatomy and Eastern meridian targets)

Competition (tips and pointers for tournaments)

Grappling/Groundwork (mount, side-mount and guard – applications and escapes)


Joint locks and Chokes


Stretching (static and dynamic stretching techniques)



The seminars are each 2 hours long. I require $20 per student, with a minimum of 10 students per seminar. The maximum number would depend on your facility of course. Generally the topics I teach are not meant for very young children, as the seminar topics of of a serious nature. Therefore I ask that any students attending the seminars be age 10 +, (use your discretion depending on the topic). If any of the above seminars seem of interest to you, or if you have any questions, please call me at 647-668-1456 or email me at

I also offer monthly seminars here at Ryuuko Dojo. The topic will be displayed here each month. Note that the price is different for these seminars as the ones above, as I am teaching much smaller class sizes here, so you are paying for more personal attention than in the seminars listed above. The cost for attending these seminars is $40, but if you are a member of Ryuuko Dojo, Kageyama Dojo, Seiren Dojo or Takamiyama Kieko Gumi, then your price is $20 for these two hour seminars. 

This months' seminar is: Due to scheduling issues, there will be no seminar in May. Keep watching for details on the next seminar in June!

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